My name is Michèle Schedler. I have been a sworn translator and interpreter in the French language since 1986 and specialised in the legal field.

I am of Dutch origin and live in Groningen in the Netherlands but spend a large part of the year living and working in Paris, something that has also given me the fluency to translate into French.

Over the years I have built up substantial experience in the translation of a very wide range of texts, including legal documents, business letters, advertising material, travel guides and technical manuals (see translations).

The translations are always edited by a second translator (native speaker) so that you can be sure that every nuance is reflected correctly. There is no additional charge for the editing.
Translations can be supplied in whatever form is required.

As a fully qualified court interpreter I work for the police, in the courts and for barristers and solicitors. I also work as an interpreter in business situations where I provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. Experience has shown that business matters proceed much more smoothly when both parties are able to express themselves in their own language.

Needless to say, interpreting services can also be provided in other countries.